Design Services

So you have a big project coming up? Don’t procrastinate calling us! We do more than just make the final flyer look pretty. What DO we actually help you accomplish? Learn about our design services:

  • Name or tagline your event to target the right audience and capture attention
  • Determine the most effective means of promotion to find your people
  • Put realistic expectations on your timelines and budget
  • Focus your copywriting to the length you actually need. (No more laboring over paragraphs when all you needed was a few sentences!)
  • Coordinate the branding of the project from payment platform to website and print materials to be memorable
  • Create engaging graphics for all platforms and uses, including elements your in-house team can incorporate right away
  • Capture contact information and success metrics as you engage your audience
  • Help design the promotional arc, from announcement to follow up survey
  • AND we can design the flyer!
  • Read about how we approach design services for non-profits.

Nuts and bolts

Print design
Event materials (flyer, postcard, invitation)
Capital campaign materials

Press releases
Blog posts
Communication strategy
Website content

Digital media
Email marketing
Email newsletters
Social media campaigns
Social media graphics