2019 Highlights

As we anticipate a new decade, we are grateful for our wonderful clients and collaborators and their valuable contributions to our communities. Your important projects challenge us to design our best work. From housing and medical treatment to arts and culture to migrant rights, we are proud to help clients doing good in the world.

In 2019, Julie Ray Creative…

  • Designed annual reports for two organizations advocating for and serving migrants through one of the most challenging times we’ve experienced – Kino Border Initiative and Florence Immigration and Refugee Rights Project.
  • Collaborated with Tucson Meet Yourself to produce all of the print and digital assets for the 46th annual Tucson Meet Yourself folklife festival, reaching over 150,000 people.
  • Created the online presence for the Florence Immigration and Refugee Rights Project’s Million Dollar Match campaign for justice.
  • Promoted the spring and winter concerts of Arizona Repertory Singers and the new music director, Ryan Phillips. Read the coverage we received.
  • Launched the Spanish version of the Kino Border Initiative website. Lanzamiento de la versión en español del sitio web de la Iniciativa Fronteriza Kino.
  • Designed and built a brand new website for fundraising extraordinaires Laura Alexander and Jenny Carrillo. 
  • Provided design and web support for multiple programs of Southwest Folklife Alliance (SFA), including the monthly e-journal BorderLore and Voz Frontera initiative in Nogales. Created SFA’s annual report and the monograph Confianza en la Frontera: A Cultural Glimpse at the Nogales Produce Industry.
  • Updated print materials for Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center, including new graphics for the Arizona SciTech Gila Valley Health and Science Festival maps. 
  • Created a blog for writer Janice Littlejohn to share her moving personal stories. 
  • Was featured in the online magazine Voyage Phoenix.
  • Hosted an Inspiration House Retreat with writer Peter J. Harris in Tucson, Arizona for 15 changemakers,
  • Provided design and web support for Kino Border Initiative’s 2.8 million dollar capital campaign for its Migrant Outreach Center in Nogales, Mexico. Congratulations for meeting the goal! Dedication will be held in February 2020.
  • Designed social media templates for Peter J. Harris’s See You: Faces of the Black Man of Happiness Social Media Campaign featuring historical photographs of Black men and boys ‘emanating a sense of joy. 
  • Developed a logo for a new lifesaving course presented by ICSAVE and the Arizona Church Security Network.
  • Updated over 3014 plugins for 20+ WordPress sites!

A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated team of designers, writers, and web developers: Carol Bradsen, Jessica Castillo, Gabriela Fleming, Eleonore Rowe, Dave Smith, Teresa Villegas, Alice Whittenburg, and Sheila Wilensky. Special thanks to our multi-talented project manager and creative contributor Jenni Pagano!